Trial Assembly

After turning the hull over and positioning it in the cradle I spent a couple hours shoving them around to get them aligned. Then I put all of the pieces together to see how it fit. I was happy, particularly with the alignment of the beams to the cabin ends as I under stand this is a problem.

One thing I was not happy with is the cabin front being lower than the main beam ends. If I’d known this at the beginning, I’d have raised the roof.


Finally back at it

After an autumn of inactivity I’m finally back at it and working on my final push to finish.

The one thing that frightened me when I started this was turning the hulls over. I saw a couple of posted videos and thought it can’t be that easy. But it is.

Support the hull on straps. I used a couple of tie down straps
With ratcheting locks which also lift the hull clear of the supports.

Hull supported on the straps

Hull turned over. I tried to make a movie of turning it but all I got was 4 minutes of the ceiling light.