Can’t build all the time

One of the concerns we’ve always had was how well my wife would be able to negotiate getting on, off and around of the boat once it was launched.  We’d tried this a couple of years ago at the Hui Wharram with her getting on board a Tiki 26 from a dinghy, which worked, but she didn’t move about very much on it, just looked around.  Getting on board from the beach and sailing on David Halliday’s Aruba worked with some effort, but it was worth it and all seemed good to begin construction.

So while in South Florida, we took the the Sailing and Shelling trip from the Marco Island Marriott Resort with Captain Tom aboard one the the Tiki 26’s built for them by Boatsmith.  My wife loved it, getting on and off from the dock and from the beach.  I also recommend the trip for anyone in or visiting the area.  The staff and crew are wonderful to deal with and provide a great trip.

This provided a renewed enthusiasm to keep on sanding and finish as soon as possible.

Cushions and Mast

Stopped by JAI in St Petersburg and ordered bunk cushions and cockpit cushions. Also, discussed the mast design with their expert. Sticker shock set in but the better appearance of the boat will be worth it.

The pelican doesn’t have anything to do with the boat.

Cockpit Drains

After all the discussion and different views on Wharram Builders, I decided to go with four drains, 1 1/2″ x 5″ located in the sides of the cockpit, one in each corner. If I venture farther offshore, I may use a dado blade on the floor of the cockpit to create a “slatted” floor as in the traditional Wharram designs.

Getting Stuff and Things

Ordered sails from Trasker in Florida. I was delighted to discover the main came standard with a zipper in the luff so I don’t have to take the mast down to remove the sail. Ordered two sets of reef points in the main and one in the genoa.

Found a good deal on a Yamaha 6HP long shaft outboard, new in the box. About the price I see most used motors listed for. With a 3 year warrantee

Sent off for a quote on an aluminum mast and rigging. Haven’t heard back. Seems the sticky part is that its round.

Now I need to get my hindquarters in gear and finish the building part.

Picking up where I left off.

Port Hull Painted, Cabin being finished
Starboard Hull being glassed.

The way things are now.

My previous construction blog lost it’s storage space so I have to recreate it here, or forget it.

I think I’ll go forward from this point, history is in the past. Update: my previous construction blog is located HERE. Now let me add a brief comment about how upset I am that Apple did away with their hosting service, and the simple web creation tool iWeb, with no way to export a website to another service, like an XML table.  Well, I needed to learn something else anyway.  Getting off of my soapbox, now.

Today, I itch from sanding the starboard hull and beginning the fairing.